Welcome to my site.  

Thanks for having a look at my site. I hope you get a chance to look at the blogs and books I have written and I pray and hope that they bless you in ways that surprise you. The goal with everything I am writing is that you would experience true spiritual awakening - something that rocks you to your core and changes your life forever. Although my first book, Feel Like Redemption, leans into the issue of porn addiction, it is actually a book for everyone seeking the experience of freedom in their lives. 

As for me, I am a thinker, speaker, and writer - a father and husband - a doubter and mystic. I’m also deeply committed to the Christian narrative in our Universe - the death and resurrection of everything that keeps us from the lives we were intended to live, which I believe to be full of what can only be described as the ultimate expressions of freedom: peace, joy, love, abundance, and all the other fruits of a journey walked with the Spirit that gives life to everything. 

I was educated at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, where I earned a Masters in Theology and Culture. If you are looking for a place where you can take your experiences and doubts and brains and body and have a life-transforming educational experience, well…..that’s your spot. I have two crazy toddlers and I love them and my amazing wife Amy with every fiber of my being. I live in Seattle, WA - and I love my city almost as much.

Again - thanks for visiting the site - I hope we run into each other sometime.