1 on 1 - Life Coaching 

Take a major step forward in your journey to health and healing in 12 life-changing sessions with the author of Feels Like Redemption and the MyPilgrimage series.  

Drawing from his wisdom and experience on his own journey from addiction, depression, and anxiety to beautiful freedom, Seth will help you find your path to freedom and navigate the obstacles that present themselves on your unique road. Over the phone or online, these sessions will push you, motivate you, and open up depths of understanding you might not have ever thought existed. If you have ever wondered whether freedom is even real, we dare you to go one on one with Seth. 

Though these sessions will be customized to your needs and challenges, you can expect to go in depth in the following areas:

  • How our beliefs function and move us towards or away from freedom
  • Who God is and how to experience God in real tangible ways
  • Why you're stuck and how to get unstuck
  • What shame and guilt really are and how to free yourself from them
  • How to develop spiritual practices that transform your life
  • How to see your desires through the lens of grace and love
  • How to navigate challenges with marriage, sex, money, and relationships in all arenas of life

Seth's limit is 10 clients in any given quarter, so don't hesitate. Payment is due up front with a commitment for 12 sessions. Payment plans can be discussed for those who are able to commit but have special circumstances. Sign up now and give yourself the gift of guidance on the path to freedom. Contact below. 

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