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Freedom in Sports Coaching

If you are a player or parent of a player who is struggling with the emotional and mental components of the game like confidence issues, motivation, and anxiety or stress on and off the field, try working with Seth and find the freedom that you're looking to experience. You deserve to enjoy this.

Seth's limit is 10 clients in any given quarter, so don't hesitate. Sessions from players 18 or older will be off the field, online or in person. Sessions from under 18 can be on the field, if within the greater King County area, or online. Payment plans can be discussed for those who are able to commit to 12 sessions but have special circumstances. Contact below.  

Please complete the form below and you'll receive an email back within 24 hours to set up a call with Seth to discuss your needs. 

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I've been coaching soccer for about 15 years and a few years ago, I started to see where my Life Coaching and soccer coaching were beginning to merge into a type of therapy that was unique and much needed. Over the last few years, I've worked with players ranging from recreational players struggling with a lack of self-worth to National Team players carrying the burden of a country's expectations on their back. In each situation, I've helped players find a deeper sense of joy, passion, and a confidence stemming from a deep sense of self-love.  – Seth Taylor

Seth is a profound force of change in the world. He has had the kind of effect on my life (and many others) as a mentor that one is forever indebted to. He opened my eyes to a new kind of freedom, one that is unattached to status. He inspired me with his own way of attacking challenges and going for it in all areas of his life introducing me to a deeper way of knowing myself and the world around me that has helped me be more creative and kinder to myself and others. 

Patrick Ianni - 9 year MLS veteran

I’ve known Seth for a few years now and can safely say that I am a better person because of it. His approach to helping people become healthy individuals - emotionally, mentally and spiritually - is refreshing and unique. His ideas go beyond simple motivation but deal with the core issues that lie deep within a person that can prevent them from becoming the best version of themselves. After a few conversations with Seth, I think anyone will feel empowered and excited at the possibility of going on a journey of self discovery that results in becoming a well balanced human being. 

Steve Zakuani - author, speaker, MLS veteran


I’ve known Seth since I was 14 years old and he has been a great mentor. His approach to life and its obstacles is unlike anything else I know. Thanks to him i have healed mentally and spiritually more than I thought possible. He opened my eyes to things I couldn’t see before and helped create an awarness that allows me to live a much more peaceful life. Seth has helped me understand who I am as a person and not to be defined by the sport I play or the lables that are put on me. 

Erik Hurtado - forward, Vancouver Whitecaps FC