What people are saying about Seth and Feels Like Redemption


“Lots of people write about liberation, Seth has lived it. Seth Taylor is the real deal.”

— Rob Bell Author of What We Talk About When We Talk About God, Love Wins, and Sex God: Exploring the Endless Connections Between Sexuality and Spirituality


“I have enormous respect for Seth Taylor. He lives the integrity that we need for the way forward today.” 

— John Phillip Newell  Author of Echo of the Soul: The Sacredness of the Human Body, A New Harmony, and The Rebirthing of God: Christianity’s Struggle for New Beginnings


“In Feels Like Redemption, Seth Taylor offers us the gift of his own untidy, yet glorious journey toward real freedom, vitality, and life. If you’ve ever wondered whether Christianity has more to offer your soul than what you’ve known so far, this book will rock your world.”

—Michael John Cusick  Author of Surfing for God: Discovering the Divine Desire Beneath Sexual Struggle


“Seth proves himself a trustworthy conversation partner for a difficult journey. Feels Like Redemption isn’t just about pornography or addiction, its a story of coming alive again to the good desires God has given us, and how the road to wholeness is more complicated, beautiful, and honest than any self-help book or theology of instant fixes. If you’re looking for life, not just guilt-driven self-control, then I dare you to walk this pilgrimage with Seth.”

—Morgan Schmidt  Youth Pastor & Author of Woo: Awakening Teenagers’ Desire to Follow in the Way of Jesus


“Feels like Redemption is a field guide to walking the terrain of addiction. Seth invites us to face how much of our pack is filled with extraneous paraphernalia from not facing our story and not reading the Bible well. This disruptive book demands a new reading of the illusions related to how we find life and offers the immense promise that facing our heartache also offers the mystery of joy.”

— Dan B. Allender Ph.D  Professor of Counseling Psychology at and founding President of The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology and Author of God Loves Sex: An Honest Conversation about Sexual Desire and Holiness and Intimate Allies: Rediscovering God’s Design for Marriage and Becoming Soul Mates for Life


“Seth takes the wisdom of the practice of pilgrimage and uses it as a redemptive lens for an often taboo topic in the Church, reminding readers that healing is not a quick fix, but a journey, and that faith is not about perfection, but ongoing transformation.”

—Lacy Clark Ellman  Spiritual Director and Author of Pilgrim Principles: Journeying with Intention in Everyday Life


“Seth Taylor is courageously entering into a conversation about a topic most of us simply avoid. In this book he doesn’t demand you embrace or even follow his path to healing, he simply challenges his reader to think and feel honestly , and to look back with introspection and without shame.”

— Ron Ruthruff  Associate Professor of Theology and Culture at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology and Author of The Least of These: Lessons Learned from Kids on the Street